Video Training Tutorials offers this easy to use, step by step tutorial covering some of our products. These videos are guaranteed to help you and your staff become familiar with the drug testing philosophy, and the skills needed to perform this level of testing. We encourage you to take the time to view these videos before practicing, as well as leave feedback on how we can improve our services for you. Follow us on and facebook for the most up to date imformation on drug testing from

InstaCube Oral Fluid Screening (Instant Drug Test)

Uploaded: 2018-04-10 Product Details

The One Step Specimen Validity Test(SVT)Instructional Video

Uploaded: 2014-04-02 Product Details


Uploaded:2014-01-07 Product Details

One Step Multi-Drug, Multi-Line Screen Test Device

Uploaded: 2013-12-19 Product Details

AlcoCheck Breath Alcohol Screen

Uploaded: 2013-12-10Product Details

ALCO SCREEN: 2 minute Saliva Test for Blood Alcohol [CLIA WAIVED]

Uploaded: 2013-11-14 Product Details

Integrated EZ Split Key Cup Drug Test

Uploaded: 2013-10-31 Product Details

Six Panel Oralert Saliva Drug Test

Uploaded: 2013-10-24 Product Details

One Step Multi-Drug Urine Test Panel

Uploaded: 2013-10-14 Product Details

Oral Cube - One Step Drug Test Procedure

Uploaded: 2013-10-07 Product Details

CLIA Waived Multi-Drug Test Urine T-Cup - Specimen and Preparation

Uploaded: 2013-09-13 Product Details

Instant Oral Drug Test Instructional Video

Uploaded: 2014-11-20 Product Details