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Specimen Collection

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  1. Bluing Tablets

    ModelDrugs Tested

    Instant bluing tablets are designed for quick, portable and easy to use bluing application. Tablets are packaged in twist cap bottles. 100 per jar.

    Product sold in cases of 100 tests
    $0.18 each$0.16 each
    * Discounts may vary based on options above
    Avg. Competitor Price: $22.00
    $17.95 Per cases of 100 As low as: $0.18 each
  2. Zip-Style Biohazard Specimen Bags

    ModelDrug Test Combinations Available
    DYND30261H No
    DYND30261Z No
    DYND30261 No
    Tests3 Combinations
    Specimen bags available for storing biohazardous material. Extra pocket for paperwork included. Zip-Style Biohazard Specimen Bags - DYND30261H - Drug Test In Bulk.
    Avg. Competitor Price: $0.25
  3. Sterile Polypropylene Specimen Containers

    ModelDrugs Tested

    O.R. sterile. Graduations on polypropylene container are in oz and cc. Screw-on lids. Patient ID labels. Packaged individually in peel-pouches

    Container Type: Cup w/ Screw Lid

    Packaging: 4OZ 100 per case

    Avg. Competitor Price: $72.76
  4. Specimen Collector Pans

    ModelDrugs Tested

    Material: Plastic

    Packaging: SPECIMEN,URINE/STOOL PAN 1 Each

    Avg. Competitor Price: $0.91
  5. CareFull Catch

    ModelDrug Test Combinations Available
    CC100 No
    CC250 No
    CC No
    CC500 No
    Tests4 Combinations
    CareFull Catch is a disposable specimen cup holder that provides patients of all ages with a simple, sanitary and effective means to collect a urine sample.
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5 Item(s)

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