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In recent years, the debate surrounding cannabis legalization and its impact on workplaces has become increasingly prominent. As organizations grapple with the complexities of drug testing policies, one approach that has gained traction is implementing “no THC” drug testing. This policy prohibits the presence of THC, the psychoactive component of  cannabis, in employees’ systems. While […]

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Developing a drug testing policy that complies with laws, regulations, and industry standards is crucial for organizations to maintain a safe and productive work environment. This guide will walk you through the key steps to ensure your drug testing policies are effective, fair, and legally compliant. 1. Understand the Legal Framework The first step in […]

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In today’s fast-paced work environment, ensuring a drug-free workplace is more critical than ever. Modern organizations have a variety of drug testing methods at their disposal, with oral drug tests and urine cup drug tests being among the most commonly used. Each method has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, making them suitable for […]

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Drug Tests in Bulk | Best Instant Drug Test Kits (DTIB) is a rapidly growing distributor of Drug/Alcohol Testing Devices & Medical Supplies. DrugTestsInBulk was established in 2009 when two friends in the drug testing industry got together for coffee and decided the world needed a proper online venue for purchasing drug and alcohol testing devices and solutions. They saw the benefit of rewarding people with lower pricing based on their volume.

DrugTestsInBulk's team of 35+ is growing fast to support hundreds of new customers every month. As a privately-owned company, we're able to work quickly and meet our customers' needs with very little getting in our way. We believe that investing in the most recent technology, research & development, our people, and extraordinary customer service is why our customers choose DrugTestsInBulk.

DrugTestsInBulk's main focus is providing excellent customer service but we also believe it is important to give back. DrugTestsInBulk is involved in many aspects of the community. We have donated thousands of drug testing devices to youth organizations, religious organizations, schools and underprivileged groups. We also collect food for local food pantries and support groups in Israel, Mexico and India

  • We are a rapidly growing distributor of Drug and Alcohol Testing Devices & Medical Supplies
  • We reward customers with lower pricing based on volume
  • We invest in the most recent technology, R & D, our employees
  • We know extraordinary customer service is the “backbone” to our business
  • We believe in giving back to the community


Our vision is clear and focused: To provide online visitors with an intuitively intelligent shopping experience, live customer support, and a large portfolio of drug testing products and solutions; from the point of arrival all the way through the purchase process; leading to a long-term business relationship.

More than 15,000 businesses and clients in the U.S. and beyond have chosen DrugTestsInBulk for their drug testing needs. Our high-quality, yet affordable drug testing devices and services; allow businesses, medical facilities, staffing agencies and many more industries to receive discounts through “Bulk” ordering while still feeling confident in their purchase.

We provide high-quality products, competitive/affordable pricing, online training and certification, real-time customer service, customizations to fit specific needs, and so much more.

Our dedicated online sales team understands that once a visitor arrives on our website, it is our job to offer them a superior shopping experience worthy of transforming them from browser to customer.

  • Provide a wide range of drug testing supplies and solutions to over 15,000 businesses
  • Provider of high-quality yet affordable drug testing products
  • Provide superior customer service leading to a long-term business relationship.


DrugTestsInBulk is a customer service focused company. That means our customer’s satisfaction comes first and foremost. Our goal is to meet all your needs whenever possible. Why do people choose DrugTestsInBulk?

  • We have what you want; and get it to you when you need it
    • With over 500+ different SKU’s we have a wide selection of products and services
    • We stock our most popular products
    • We provide same day shipping on almost all of our products
  • We are focused on helping you save money and reducing the time it takes to order by providing you with multiple options to place your orders and manage your account.
  • We provide product-specific training to you and or your clients through our DTIB University training portal
    • Option to have administrator assign, track, and monitor training
    • Training on our most popular products
  • We provide free ground shipping on all orders over $75.00 (list price)
  • We run frequent promotions on our top products; which can provide even more savings
  • We keep up to date on industry changes and share that information with our customers through our email blasts and blogs
  • DrugTestsInBulk's management team draws on decades of experience across different industries to chart a course for the future and guide your company towards its strategic goals
  • We have an onsite web developer and graphic designer which allows us to customize specific items to fit your needs

DrugTestsInBulk.comhas a Shopper Approved rating of 4.7 based on 1200+ ratings and reviews