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CareFull Catch

Quick Overview

CareFull Catch is a disposable specimen cup holder that provides patients of all ages with a simple, sanitary and effective means to collect a urine sample.

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  • Lightweight, disposable handle that attaches to the urine sample cup or drug test cup
  • Special design allows the donor to collect the sample while sitting down or standing
  • Flexible clasp allows the handle to attach to cups of all sizes
  • Smart design provides family members and nurses with a hygienic method to easily collect a sample from a standing or seated patient 


  • Provides a clean process to collect urine samples
  • Reduces stress and embarrassment
  • Reduces urine sample contamination
  • Reduces the chance of dropping the specimen cup
  • Prevents expensive retesting
  • Prevents any delay in the diagnosis and treatment for the patient
  • Positive patient experience

Great for Pediatric Patients, Elderly, Disabled, OB/GYN Patients, Practitioners and more