Your family was perfect, with your loving spouse, your pet, and your wonderful children. You never fathomed the thought that anything could go awry or tear it apart. The day your child started to behave differently, act wild and violent, you knew something was wrong. It is time to find out what you should be aware of when you think a family member is abusing methamphetamines. When you see a meth user, you will notice that they do not sleep for long periods of time, but are energetic, and have no appetite.

As you see these unusual behaviors from your kid, you might suspect that they are using illegal drugs of some kind, already without any education of drug knowledge. The symptoms shown of having almost boundless energy, that is not nursed by any sleep or food also takes its toll on the user with its resulting heavy weight loss. He or she will look very thin, undernourished, but appear to be strangely active, yet nervous and anxious. Things that you should be wary of are the related items that come with the use of the drug. You may find small bags with traces of white powder or crystals, maybe a syringe or a glass pipe. You may find other items such as crumpled up pieces of aluminum foil, soda cans (that are made into a makeshift pipe), or pen shafts that are used for snorting the drug.

Being that methamphetamine is an extremely powerful stimulant, it gives the user a rush of euphoria that grows less intense but lasts as long as ten hours. As the user will be energetic, thin, and nervous, he or she will also likely be overheating and sweaty for no apparent reason and have dilated pupils. Repeated use of the drug can cause irregular heartbeat, mood changes, violence and aggression, paranoia, confusion, insomnia, and an overall deterioration of the users behavior and appearance.

As meth use becomes heavier and more repeated, the user can become delusional, picking at bugs that they think are bugs under their skin, develop meth mouth, a condition where the destructive chemicals of the drug react with the body and dries up the flow of saliva causing the mouth to dry up the mouth and rot the teeth. A main concern is the fact that getting the drug in ones possession becomes the most important thing, neglecting responsibilities and even taking part in reckless, risky and illegal behaviors and activities in order to obtain the drug. It is important to try to put an end to your loved ones drug habits before they flare into a problem this extreme. You can take preventative steps to keep these things from happening.

A way to keep your children safe is to monitor their behavior and being aware of drug behaviors. Another way to be proactive is to drug test your children to see if they are taking any drugs. There are several types of drug tests you can use to keep your family safe, such as multi panel drug tests, saliva drug tests, hair drug tests, and more. Keep your family safe from drug abuse through awareness and end drug habits through safe family drug testing.