Have you ever wondered if your child is showing signs of drug use, but arent sure exactly what he or she is using and how harmful it might be? As with all forms of drug abuse, you should be concerned. If you suspect your teen is using cocaine, you need to be aware of the various behaviors that are exhibited by users of the drug. They may disappear to go use the drug and come back in a completely different mood, acting more excited or even more confident. The user may also even show signs of greater well being. Cocaine use can cause people to be more sexually excited and talkative, as well as showing signs of having little or no appetite and not having a regular sleep pattern. Some obvious signs of cocaine use are traces of white powder around their nose, as many cocaine users snort the drug. While the substance can be snorted, it can also be ingested, which causes severe intestinal damage, and injected intravenously. A cocaine users eyes will have dilated pupils and will be sensitive to light. Other symptoms that come with cocaine use are runny noses and after long term use can cause nosebleeds, and other nasal damage. Needle marks on the skin from where the drug is injected is also a sign to look out for.

Cocaine abuse is dangerous and poses a major health risk to those of who are users. While a cocaine user might feel some benefits such as escaping serious physical problems, it has a greater effect on stressing the heart. Cocaine makes the heart beat faster and puts additional stress on the arteries and veins as blood pressure increases. This increased strain causes every part of the cardiovascular system to suffer from damage. When the stress induced by the drug effects the cardiovascular system, it results in a heart attack or stroke. These strokes and heart attacks that may come as a result of cocaine abuse can also be deadly. Cocaine abuse is very dangerous and can be lethal by itself, although most drug related deaths are caused by the abuse of multiple drugs at the same time. In 2010 in Atlanta, cocaine was the killer in nearly 73% of single drug deaths. Long term use of this drug will cause users to suffer both from physical and mental deterioration and can include symptoms such as depression, agitation, nervousness, and being unable to sleep, although tired. Cocaine users must leave this habit behind before quitting the drug becomes more difficult and your body and mind before more deteriorated. Breaking cocaine addiction and dependency is important to helping your child to become a healthy and functioning member of society. It is important to talk to your kids about the dangers of drug abuse and specifically the physical and mental harm that comes with it. Try using a family drug testing kit to see if your kids are using cocaine or any other illegal drugs. Keep your kids off drugs and alcohol with instant drug tests, saliva drug tests, stat swab, or multi panel drug tests. Taking safe measures is important to protect your family from falling apart from drug abuse.