Do you suspect your teenager may be getting high on marijuana? If so, you might notice some symptoms of marijuana use, such as dilated pupils, laughter, poor coordination, inconsistent memory, increased appetite, distorted perception of time, sleepiness, forgetfulness and poor memory. It is important to be aware of these symptoms as marijuana is capable of being a gateway drug, or a drug that introduces altered states of mind to children and opens them up to trying harder, more harmful substances. You may notice certain specific items your teenager has in his or her possession when using marijuana. They may be in possession of marijuana related paraphernalia such as cigarette rolling papers, smoking pipes, bongs, small plastic baggies, roach clips, and lighters, as well as loose tobacco and stems and seeds. As marijuana is most commonly used by being smoked, it leaves a heavy noticeable odor, around the mouths, hands and clothes of those who have recently smoked marijuana. Marijuana can also be infused into foods and drinks as well, which also induce its psychoactive effects. While marijuana may not be seen to be a harmful recreational drug, due to many states legalizing its medicinal and even recreational use, it is still known to be linked to reports of long-term negative effects on the autoimmune function, brain structure, as possibly causing infertility in men.

You can have your suspicions about your teen using marijuana by using a drug testing kit. There are many drug testing kits available on the market today. There are drug test dip cards, multi panel drug tests, ua drug tests, instant oral drug tests, saliva drug tests, CLIA waived drug tests, oral cube drug tests, stat swab, iScreen oral drug tests and many other forms including hair drug testing. These drug tests are not only used for purposes of law enforcement, and workplace drug testing, but also are helpful for family drug testing. When you drug test your teenager for marijuana, it is important to know the differences between the types of testing methods and the windows for which the drugs metabolites can be detected in the specific medium of testing. If using an oral fluid or saliva drug testing kit, the window is one day. If using a hair test, the window is up to ninety days. If testing with a urine test, such as a multi panel drug test, the window for detection is around thirty days. If your child is abusing marijuana, it is not too late to help them to break their habits, or to move onto harder drugs. It is important to stop teenage drug abuse when it is detected to prevent any further physical or mental harm. Drug testing kits can play a major role in helping to keep teens off of drugs, like marijuana.