How to Solve The Biggest Problems in the Work Environment With Drug Test

Substance testing programs seek to filter out drug consumers as well as deter drug use on the job. Drug testing programs are shown to improve worker comfort and productivity; decrease absenteeism, accidents, downtime, turnover, as well seeing that theft and result in better health amongst employees and family members and also decreased using medical benefits. Organizations with drug-free office programs sometimes are eligible for state government incentives or possibly workers compensation insurance excellent discounts. Now with inexpensive and easy to use urine specimen drug tests kits there should be no reason employers shouldnt mandate drug tests for their job applicants.

Drug testing programs aim to filter out drug users and deter drug use in the workplace. In two analyses of data (2002-2004; 2006) from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, past-month illicit drug users:

  • Said they would be less likely than those reporting no current illicit drug use to work for employers that conducted pre-employment drug testing (18.2 percent vs. 3.7 percent).
  • Were more likely to report working for an employer that did not test employees for drugs compared to those working for employers that did (10.8 percent vs. 7.4 percent).
  • Reported they would be far less likely to work for employers that conduct random drug testing compared to those reporting no current illicit drug use (29.1 percent of past-month illicit drug users answered this way vs. 6.9 percent of non-users).

In line with data from your National Survey about Drug Use as well as Health, a past month drug user said:

  • Less likely to work for an employer who does drug testing
  • Less likely to work with employer who does random drug testing


Employers design drug-free workplace programs to safeguard their organizations from your negative impacts of drug abuse. The first step is to drug test incoming and current employees. Because every business and workforce is unique, each employer should produce a careful determination of these software elements that are most feasible and therapeutic for their workplace.

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