Countrywide Drug Testing Supplies

Five Panel InstaCube Saliva Drug Test

Per case of 25

Ten Panel InstaCube Saliva Drug Test

Per case of 25

Five Panel PreScreen Plus Cup (CLIA Waived)

Per case of 25

Five Panel PreScreen Plus Dip Card (CLIA Waived)

Per case of 25

Drug Tests in Bulk has the best countrywide drug testing kits. If your organization needs Drug test screening kits, order from Drug Tests in Bulk where we give you the ability to order top quality, affordable testing kits, Countrywide Supplier of Drug Tests in Bulk can provide the following benefits: 

  • Urine collection cups:  A popular choice for drug screening with the option to test up to 16 common drugs within minutes. Our drug tests our used for businesses, households and government agencies countrywide.
  • Urine dip cards: Instead of overpaying a lab to perform your drug screening tests, simply use our urine dip analysis cards to determine the results of your screenings.
  • Oral fluid devices: Where monitoring may be difficult our oral drug screening kits provide options to test for various drugs.

Our drug screening products have been used nationwide and our considered one of the most accurate countrywide drug testing kits available in the marketplace today.

Where to Order Our Best Countrywide Drug Testing Supplies 

Drug Tests in Bulk has decades of experience providing businesses and government agencies  instant drug tests that are inexpensive, accurate and easy to use in a work environment without the need of a lab. Drug Tests in Bulk is a leader in countrywide drug tests available at wholesale prices helping businesses, staffing agencies and households worldwide save money on their drug screening procedures.

Our experience shows buying our countrywide favorite drug testing kits helps your business save money by avoiding laboratory expenses for pre-screening applicants or current employment drug screens. All of Drug Tests in Bulk drug test screening kits are easy to use, FDA cleared and come with the highest accuracy of results every time. Customers also enjoy our best rated customer service representatives which specialize in helping your find the best suitable drug test kit for your organization. Many of the test sold through our online store can be done almost anywhere, with no need for expensive drug testing facilities or labs.

Get the Popular Countrywide Drug Tests Today

Order our best-selling countrywide drug screening kits today by calling our customer service at 866-465-2855 or by checking out directly through our website

Still need help deciding which drug tests is best for you? Our drug test customer support agents are one to help you decide which product is best suited for your organization. Drug Tests in Bulk is the leading provider of all drug testing supplies including urine collection cup panels (up to 16 drugs), urine dip cards for dipping purposes, oral fluid tests, hair follicle tests, and more.

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