Choose The Right Drug Test

While some drug tests require expensive lab work that can sometimes take up to a week to receive results, instant drug tests are available in wholesale which serve as a more practical, cost-effective alternative. A few benefits of using instant drug tests include faster results, eliminating the costs of shipping to a laboratory, and the advantage of on-site testing; no out of the way collection site is needed. Drug use in the workplace is a serious issue, and wholesale drug tests are a viable asset for any company. It is important to know the different methods of instant drug testing when choosing the right wholesale drug test for your needs.

Multi-panel drug tests are performed to detect the presence of multiple drug metabolites at once, which makes them popular amongst workplace drug testing. The most common multi-panel drug tests are 5 panel drug tests, 10 panel drug tests, and 12 panel drug tests, dependent upon the needs and purpose of the drug test.

Nearly 95% of organizations perform urinalysis drug tests, otherwise known as UA drug tests. These drug tests use urine samples to detect various drug metabolites. The easiest to use option within UA drug tests is a drug test dip card. It is a quick process; simply dip the drug test dip card into the urine sample no lab work necessary and the results are instant, taking as little as 60 to 120 seconds to read after dipping. However, some donors can see it as an invasive process and do not feel comfortable giving a urine sample.

Another easy-to-use and less invasive option is saliva drug tests. Almost 30% of companies in the United States test saliva for detecting illicit drugs. The benefits to using oral drug tests is that the risk of the donors sample being tampered with is greatly diminished when compared to urine tests, as are the privacy concerns related to obtaining a urine sample. Also, it may be a more convenient method. Saliva drug tests are made even simpler with new technology such as the Stat Swab, which can test for alcohol as low as 0.02% BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) and is the fastest instant oral drug test on the market. The Stat Swab can also test for up to 10 drugs, which is unusually high for an oral drug test. Oral Cube is an oral drug test that can detect as many as 11 drugs, which remains unmatched among other saliva drug tests. iScreen can test multiple donors at the same time, and can detect up to 6 drugs.

When choosing a wholesale drug test, factors such as the donors comfort level should be considered, and the decision should reflect the companys personal concerns as well.