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Five Panel InstaCube Saliva Drug Test

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Ten Panel PreScreen Plus Dip Card (CLIA Waived)

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Twelve Panel PreScreen Plus Dip Card (CLIA Waived)

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Drug Tests in Bulk has the best drug tests in the country. Our tests are 99% accurate and made right here in the United States, the #1 Drug Test in the Country. If your business needs Drug test screening kits, order from Drug Tests in Bulk where we give you the ability to order top-quality affordable testing kits, the best drug test country supplies kit which can provide the following benefits: 

  • Urine collection cups: Drug Tests in Bulk carries all the popular brand name drug test cup models available for the local drug test country supplies. Options available with features such as instant view drug test cups for fast results, flat surface cups for easy photocopying and heavy-duty unbreakable cup surfaces. Drug Tests in Bulk offers the highest quality Drug Tests in Bulk at the lowest prices.
  • Dip Card Drug Tests: Drug Tests in Bulk has a wide variety of CLIA-waived, instant view dip card drug tests that provide our customers with an extra level of convenience. Nationwide test country drug tests are in high demand for portable drug tests that provide fast, accurate results. Drug Tests in Bulk has an array of customizable, convenient dip card drug tests that are perfect for home or professional use.
  • Oral Drug Tests:  Saliva Drug Tests are the quickest most noninvasive to screen for drug use. Testing oral fluid samples is usually a preferred method for testing a large group of people at once because of the convenience this type of test provides, with quick results. Drug Tests in Bulk has the most in demand oral drug test kits nationwide Test Country Drug Tests.
  • Hair Follicle Tests: Hair Drug Tests from Drug Tests in Bulk will screen for drug use by analyzing a small hair sample. Drug use of up to 90 days will be shown with this test. Hair Follicle Drug Tests are available for up to 7 Panels including Prescription drug use screening.
  • Alcohol Tests and Synthetic Drug Tests: Drug Tests in Bulk is the leading, Best Drug Test Supplier in the Country. If you need to screen for alcohol use, whether it is for personal use, AA meetings or rehabs, we offer a variety of Alcohol tests available in different methods.


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