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Five Panel PreScreen Plus Cup (CLIA Waived)

Per case of 25

Five Panel PreScreen Plus Dip Card (CLIA Waived)

Per case of 25

Ten Panel PreScreen Plus Dip Card (CLIA Waived)

Per case of 25

Twelve Panel PreScreen Plus Dip Card (CLIA Waived)

Per case of 25

If your business is looking for American Screening Drug Testing Supplies, you've come to the correct place at Drug Test in Bulk.

When purchasing our American Screening Drug Testing Supplies from Drug Tests in Bulk, customers can order top-quality, affordable, American-made drug testing kits that can provide the following benefits: 

  • Urine Collection Cups: Drug Tests in Bulk provides drug testing kits with a “dip card” feature where only a small urine sample is required to detect upwards of 16 common drugs within minutes.
  • Urine Dip Cards: Drug Tests in Bulk American Screening made products include a “dip and read” dip card to dip in the urine sample and show results (this is the most common source of urine drug testing kits).
  • Oral Fluid Devices: All American Screening made drug tests that provide a non-invasive and easy way to perform drug tests for environments where monitoring may be difficult. Saliva drug testing may detect drug use within the first few hours of consumption.
  • Hair Follicle Tests: Also known as the hair drug tests, this type of test screens for drugs with a small hair sample. The hair drug tests can analyze upwards of 90 days of drug use.
  • Alcohol and Synthetic Test Kits:  These products allow you to measure with oral saliva alcohol and drugs within minutes of use (see also oral fluid devices).

Is it More Affordable to Purchase American Screening Drug Tests Supplies?

Drug Tests in Bulk has decades of experience providing instant drug tests that are inexpensive, accurate, and easy to use. Drug Tests in Bulk is the best American made drug test supply wholesaler helping businesses, staffing agencies, and households worldwide. Our experience shows buying our American made screening supplies helps businesses save money by avoiding laboratory expenses for pre-screening applicants or current employment drug screens. All Drug Tests in Bulk drug screening kits are easy to use and made to allow the administration of the test to be conducted almost anywhere, with no need for expensive drug testing facilities or labs.

Customers will also receive the benefit of up to 70% off the most popular drug test kits available in the American made drug test market. Our customers range from small businesses to government facilities and corporate offices. No business or household is too small or too large for our drug screening supplies.

Institutions that purchase their drug tests from Drug Tests in Bulk automatically qualify for additional coupons and seasonal discounts!

Where to Purchase Our American Screening Drug Testing Supplies

Order today by calling customer service at 866-465-2855 or by checking out online directly through the DrugTestsinBulk.com website.

Still need help deciding which drug tests is best for you? Our drug test specialists are one phone call away to help you decide which kit suits your needs the most. Drug Tests in Bulk is the leading provider of all drug testing supplies including urine collection cups, urine dip cards, oral fluid devices, hair follicle exams, and more.

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