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  • Oratect Saliva Drug Test FDA Cleared Oratect Saliva Drug Test FDA Cleared
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Oratect Saliva Drug Test FDA Cleared

Quick Overview

  • First FDA 510 Approved
  • Results within 5 Minutes
  • No Cross Gender Observation
  • Reduces Adulteration
  • 1 Transport Tube

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ModelDrugs Tested

Additional Information

This Oratect Saliva Drug Test FDA Cleared is the first oral fluid/saliva drug test to be FDA 510 cleared. This makes it the best choice, when it comes to performing a drug test at an office, a medical facility, or any non-regulated industries. This drug test is also less invasive and simplifies your drug testing. There is no need for a private restroom, which allows you to observe the saliva collection. This makes it hard to adulterate the sample. The drug test can detect up to 6 different illicit drugs in one testing. 1 transport tube is included for confirmation testing. Test results are available within 5 minutes.


Tagline Info regarding THC in Saliva
Per Case25
Stability Expiration DateN/A
Panel Count6
With AdulterantsNo
Application Typesaliva
CLIA Waived?No
FDA ClearedYes
Forensic only?No
DOT Approved?No
All Sales FinalN/A
Avg Competitor Price$328.50


Six Drug FDA Cleared Oratect Saliva Test 


  • FIRST FDA 510 Cleared Oral Fluid/Saliva Drug Test
  • Good for office, Medical and all other non regulated industries
  • Detects 6 drugs
  • Rapid collection and testing in one step
  • Results in 5 minutes
  • User-friendly and non invasive
  • Avoid cross gender observation
  • Reduces sample adulteration or contamination
  • Includes 1 transport tube for confirmation testing

Saliva/Oral Fluid drug testing is an excellent option within the workplace. No restroom required and quick results. 

Test only provides a preliminary result. All positives should be sent to a laboratory for further testing.


ModelDrugs Tested:
Drug NameABBRCutoff LevelApprox Detection
time in Urine
Approximate Detection
time in Saliva
AmphetamineAMP500 ng/ml2-4 Days1-3 Days
1000 ng/ml2-4 DaysN/A
AlcoholALC0.02% and 0.04%6-24 hours6-12 hours
BarbituratesBAR300 ng/ml3-6 Days1 Day
BenzodiazepinesBZO300 ng/ml3-7 Days1-2 Days
BuprenorphineBUP10 ng/ml2-3 Days1 Day
CocaineCOC150 ng/ml2-4 DaysN/A
300 ng/ml2-4 Days1-3 Days
EcstasyMDMA500 ng/ml1-3 Days1-2 Days
FentanylFEN300 ng/ml3 DaysN/A
K2 / SpiceK2/Spice50 ng/ml1-3 DaysN/A
MarijuanaTHC50 ng/ml5-30 Days3 Hours - 1 Day
20 ng/MLUp To 30 daysN/A
MethadoneMTD50 ng/ml3-5 Days1 Day
MethamphetamineMAMP1000 ng/ml3-5 Days1-3 Days
500 ng/ml3-5 DaysN/A
MorphineMOP300 ng/ml2-4 Days1-3 Days
OpiatesOPI2000 ng/ml2-4 Days1-3 Days
OxycodoneOXY100 ng/ml2-4 Days1 Day
PhencyclidinePCP25 ng/ml5-10 Days1-3 Days
Tricyclic AntidepressantsTCA1000 ng/ml3-6 DaysN/A
PropoxyphenePPX300 ng/ml1-2 DaysN/A
*Detection times should be considered estimates. Window of detection is relative to usage pattern and chronic usage.

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