Drug tests are commonly used by employers to screen existing employees or new job applicants to determine if they are using drugs. In general terms, drug screening will identify recent use of alcohol, illicit or prescription drugs. The test results will not indicate impairment, nor will they be able to show whether or not the behavior was impacted by the alcohol or drugs identified in a person’s system.

Why Test Employees for Drugs and Or Alcohol?

Abuse of alcohol or other drugs costs US companies billions of dollars per year. These costs are incurred in one of many ways including:

          Higher turnover rate for employees

          Increased number of unexcused absences

          A reduction in productivity

          More accidents on the job

          Unexplained violent behavior

          An increase in the number of workers’ compensation claims

The National Safety Council says employees who have an alcohol or drug problem are two to five times more likely to become problem employees.

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More Startling Facts

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency, 70% of employed Americans abuse drugs. The National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance claims that over 74% of employed Americans use illegal drugs and are responsible for up to 40% of fatalities that occur in industrial work sites. The US Department of Justice states that half of all workplace accidents and close to 40% of employee theft results from drug abuse.

Why You Should Conduct Drug Screening

Your business requires protection from the unnecessary costs that drug abuse can bring. They include health and safety hazards, less productivity, lower staff morale and can contribute to the number of short-term disability claims filed against your business.

However, there are several other reasons why HR resources rely on drug tests. They include:

–          To deter employees from abusing alcohol/drugs

–          To protect the general public

–          To instill consumer confidence that employees are working safely

–          To provide a safe work environment

–          To comply with State laws/Federal regulations

–          To identify employees with alcohol/drug problems early to assist them in getting the help they need

–          To avoid hiring new employees who already have an identified substance abuse problem

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Drug Testing Is Legal

There are different rules and regulations in many states when implementing drug testing in the workplace which is why it is so important for you to ensure your company Drug Policy is up to date and compliant. DrugTestsInBulk.Com has many resources to assist you with your Drug Policy Implementation.

The Drugs That A Typical Drug Test Will Identify

Keeping in mind that drug screening will only indicate recent use of alcohol or drugs, there are tests available that will identify one of or many different drugs.

In addition to alcohol, there are five main types of illicit drugs that can be identified through drug tests. They include:

1 – Amphetamines

These drugs are categorized as those that will provide some form of stimulus to the central nervous system. The most common of these is ecstasy, speed, crank, and meth.

2 – THC

This is one of the many compounds that come from the cannabis plant and is responsible for the ‘high’ one gets from taking products that contain it. They are marijuana, cannabinoids, and hash.

3 – Cocaine

This is another drug that is known primarily for being a stimulant. It is commonly called coke.

4 – Opiates

These are drugs that are derived from opium and include heroin, codeine, and morphine.

5 – Phencyclidine

Commonly known as Angel Dust or PCP, this is a drug that causes mind-altering effects.

The 8-Panel Test

Depending on the type of business your company conducts, you can implement a higher level of drug screening known as the 8-Panel Test. In addition to the above-mentioned drugs that it will identify, along with alcohol, the 8-Panel Test can detect recent use of:

Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, and Methaqualone.

The 10-Panel Test

For an even higher level of drug screening, there is the 10-Panel Test. It identifies all the previously-mentioned drugs and alcohol plus the following:

Methadone and Propoxyphene.

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The Accuracy of Workplace Drug Tests

Our instant onsite drug testing devices have up to a 99% accuracy rate and can be used for immediate results.  If a presumptive positive result appears, urine and saliva samples can be sent to a laboratory for further testing to ensure the most accurate results.

Urinalysis is the most commonly used drug testing method. It is also one of the easiest tests to administer as they can be done at the workplace. The process used is in accordance with the Mandatory Guidelines for Federal Workplace Drug Testing (known as the SAMHSA guidelines). Once a sample has been provided, it is transported to a certified laboratory. A certified lab will test for the five common substances (plus alcohol). As they are fully certified, these labs have a high level of accuracy.

Why Your Company May Add Drug Screening

There are a few reasons why you should consider drug testing. They include:

1 – Pre-Employment

This is when a potential employee with an alcohol or drug abuse problem would be identified. Not hiring this person may prevent problems later within your organization.

2 – Reasonable Suspicion

A test under this circumstance would be to follow-up on identified symptoms that may develop into a greater problem if left unchecked. This is also where you can provide assistance to the individual for the help they need.

3 – Post-Accident

If the accident was in the workplace or during a workday conducting company business, drug testing may be able to determine if alcohol or drugs may have been contributing factors to the accident.

4 – Random

This is a testing method where anyone in the workplace could end up being tested as it is unannounced. The random testing model has been proven to be a deterrent for many employees who do not wish to be caught on the job with alcohol or drugs in their system.

5 – Periodic

These are regularly scheduled tests. They are often conducted annually as part of a physical exam or similar testing cycle.

Thinking About Drug Screening In Your Organization?

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