Thoughts on the Three Panel Dip Card Drug Test

Three Panel Dip Card Drug TestThe Three Panel Dip Card (model WDOA-134) is a standard card for analyzing urine in drug testing procedures. For the manageable price, which decreases when bulk purchases are made, you could not honestly find a better drug testing kits. It possesses up to 99% accuracy rate in drug tests, can provide results in as little as 5 minutes, and may be stored up to 18 months. For any drug tests you may need to administer, the Three Panel Dip Card is a smart choice. It offers quality results and is purchasable in quantities of up to 32 cases, with each case containing 25 test cards.

Performing a drug test has many applications in the real world. A more common use is in employee hiring. If you are a facility that offers employee drug tests, these cards are designed with you in mind; they are fast and effective. Please be aware, however, that the site Drug Tests in Bulk advertises that the results are only “preliminary analytical test results.” Further testing must be done in the event of a finding.Other applicable uses could include such things as drug tests at home and drug testing for patients in hospitals and other health facilities. The aim of this product is fast, reliable results in order to decide whether more concrete testing should be administered.