The recreational use and often abuse of drugs and alcohol is at pandemic levels across our nation. As the access to drugs and alcohol grows, so does the response of families, schools and jobs. Pre-employment drug testing is standard for most jobs throughout the country and potential candidates are screened for a host of potential circumstances. Contracting outside facilities to conduct drug and alcohol testing can be exceptionally expensive. Drug tests are now available for individual purchase and many pieces of drug testing equipment can be purchased online at deeply discounted rates.
Distributors of drug testing equipment often offer these products at deeply discounted rates. Breathalyzer equipment, similar to that used by police agencies nationwide for field sobriety testing, are available for purchase and are obviously simple to use. Drug test kits are available to test for the presence of certain drugs in saliva and urine. The saliva swabs take only moments and have unparalleled reliability. Most saliva drug testing kits give results for up to fifteen specific drugs. For those that test positive, these methods are designed with transport capabilities so that the swab sample can be delivered for full laboratory analysis.
Urine drug testing cups are a cheap and accurate method, often testing for the presence of five to fifteen specific drugs. These urine cups are the standard testing module for outsourced laboratory tests. Most urine drug testing cups provide immediate results are nearly one hundred percent accurate. While there is no cost associated with safety, these simple to use drug tests can be purchased to fit any budget.