Four Panel Dip Card Drug Test

Clinical Grade Drug Testing With WDOA-144

Customers can now have the highest quality drug tests with the availability of the WDOA-144. This is a urine style test that is extremely easy to use, and it will show results fast. Drug testing is a great idea, and there are a variety of benefits that consumers can realize when they purchase this product. It can reliably test urine for most of the commonly used illegal drugs, and it’s great for the job or teenagers.

The WDOA-144 drug test is a dip and read urine test that can be used to identify a variety of drugs. This test will provide results within five minutes. It is a clinical grade product, and is designed for professional settings. It can easily be used in the home or office, and these drug tests have a shelf life of 18 months. All of the common illegal drugscan be found with this drug test, and it can easily alert parents or employers to the presence of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine. Drug testing provides a number of benefits, and it’s the best way to ensure safety on the job. Parents can also reliably test their teenagers, if they’re feeling nervous about drug use in the home.Drug testing can now be accomplished easily with the WDOA-144. This product has been designed to meet the most stringent professional demands and can give a positive result in as little as five minutes. Drug tests are essential to maintain workplace safety, and this is a great product for employers to use in their offices.