There are a wide variety drug tests. Some test for drugs in the blood. Others check for drug residue orally, such as the breathalyzer that is used to check blood alcohol EDDP Dip Drug Testlevel. Still others check for any remnants of drugs in a subject’s urine. The EDDP DIP TEST is one of the former. For Forensic Use Only.

This test is designed to be one of the more unobtrusive and specific ones available. It is geared to recognize the metabolite remnants of a drug called methadone in human urine. Often used as a kind of “de-tox” drug for those coming off of such narcotics as heroin, methadone is a completely artificial opiate. The test, therefore, can determine whether someone who has no legitimate medical reason to be taking it.

One of the merits of this particular drug test is that it can help to determine whether someone who has legitimate reasons to be taking methadone is actually taking their dose. Some people only take just enough methadone to have it show up in their urine, while keeping the rest with the intent of selling it. This test is geared to be able to test for that possibility. Though other test simply go for the remnants of the actual drug – and thus can be fooled by the person taking that strategy – the EDDP DIP TEST for the metabolite of the particular drug, and can thus ascertain whether the full dose is being taken or not.