With the divorce rate going up and the amount of kids that are had by young parents today, many times these divorce battles end up in a child custody war in between the 2 parties. When dealing with these types of situations most court cases will require that you be drug tested and continue to be drug tested randomly over time to find out who is better suited to have full custody of the children involved.

These drug tests are a wonderful tool in order to provide the most accurate way of telling whether or not the child is in good hands or needs to be placed in custody of the other parent. You wouldn’t want to have a child grow up in an environment that’s filled with drugs and the lifestyle that is associated with people that are habitual drug users. These tests are given to each parties to clarify which parent has a better understanding of how the child should be raised while at the same time providing them good habits that will promote a happy and healthy life.

Child Custody Drug Testing is one of the great laws that have been passed and should be praised amongst the community that they exist. You wouldn’t leave your child alone with a person who’s constantly using drugs would you? Exactly, you wouldn’t. So when it comes to who will have full custody of the child then drug testing is mandatory. Child Custody drug testing are a blessing to everyone!