Want to be ready for your medical examination at work? This requires huge amount of effort if you have been smoking weed. You know the consequences if you are detected at work, you will loose the job. Can you actually afford to loose your work in this economy? No! You cannot, just think about being jobless and no opportunities if you get fired. You don’t want bad reputation from your current workplace because it will affect the carrier line drastically.

This is the time to be prepared for this situation. You have to start cleansing your body. Drink lots of fluids, and work out to raise your metabolism. This will accelerate the process of cleansing. Eating raw vegetables also help drain out any leftover toxins that remain within the body that can be detected in a saliva swab drug test. This is one test that is hard to beat if you haven’t treated your body correctly. A number of advancements in the industry have been made to make these tests much more potent. The only way out is to do the right thing, and throw the weed out. You have to start treating your body with absolute care. Do you really want to get in trouble with the authorities if they find out?

You know about the federal laws in the countries, and the way they are enforced. You do not want to be in that ugly loop because it will ruin your life. One good idea is to get drug tests at home so that you can keep testing yourself from time to time to see your progress.