CLIA waived drug tests are specifically created for home usage and are used to clear the preliminary rounds of drug testing. The CLIA kits provided by various drug testing agencies are durable for 18 months and can be stored at room temperature. While testing through a CLIA kit, one does face any hassle while operating it as the procedures are very user friendly. CLIA waived drug tests can detect up to 18 drugs at a time and the results are available within minutes. Another benefit of CLIA drug testing is that a lot of specimen in not required therefore makes it more convenient for the patient. Neither does one need to put one kind of specimen, if one wants he/she can perform tests through various specimen including blood, urine and saliva.

Addiction that was difficult to predict a decade ago can now be now be achieved in minutes sitting at your homes. Through CLIA waived drug tests you can test for cocaine and synthetic marijuana addiction. Cocaine is a highly addictive drug and has the effects similar to that of alcohol. High doses of cocaine can lead to increased heart beat and decreased respiration that can lead to coma or death. Cocaine drug test has been devised to detect the presence of cocaine in our system and confirming one’s addiction. On similar grounds is the synthetic marijuana drug test that confirms the presence of marijuana traces in the human body. These tests are widely accepted due to the accuracy in their results. And, because a drug abused person will never accept the fact that they are under the influence of drugs, such tests become even more important as you can easily confirm a person’s addiction and help him/her come out clean and live normal lives.

Another major development in the field of buy home drug test is the pregnancy drug test. It helps prevent unwanted births amongst females as the test confirms is a woman has conceived and depending on whether she wants a baby or not, she can head for an abortion on time. Most of the tests are conducted through a cup called a drug test cup. After putting your sample in these drug test cups and following a few simple instructions, you get the results to your drug test. These major developments in the field of medical science have really improvised the health factor of everybody’s life. The tensions in families now run low due to the presence of CLIA waived drug tests at all drug testing centers.

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