CLIA Drug Test, Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments, is aimed at ensuring accuracy and reliable facts in the sample testing. It is thought to be certified by the government agency for carrying out technical process during drug abuse detection. It is very critical method involving complex process that requires very expert eyes to detect the drug consumption. Besides, it also goes through some highly technical tools that result in biopsy report. But another form of CLIA test has made it much easy to identify the drug abused person. With the help of CLIA waived drug tests kits, the people are well capable to carry out drug testing at their own home with much comfortable. It does eliminate the chance of sample tempering that is highly probable in general CLIA drug test.

In the Waived drug test, urine sample is thought to be more useful, as it is an established process to identify the intake substances even after several hours. Moreover, urine sample can be collected easily from the suspect person and it doesn’t easily get spoiled by the external temperature. Besides, there are also some other way to detect the drug abuse. It is saliva sample that is also proved to be accurate in the testing. Without any harm, you can carry out the testing task with saliva samples as well.

With the help of single panel drug test method, you can identify only one drug abuse with the help of several samples collected. Such processes are more helpful for the domestic test, if the parent wants to keep eye on the children.