Drug Test is a scrutiny of a person using Urine, Hair, Blood, Sweat or Saliva. It reveals the presence of unethical substances like Alcohol, Cocaine and many more. Now days, everyone has already heard of several drug tests in all the fields, no matter you are working in an organization or you are a sportsperson.

Drug Testing Kits are equally famous like the drug test results. Kits are easy to use and can provide 99.99% accurate results. These kits are also used by Organizations to ensure that the workers are working in an ethical manner. Some of the most popular drug test categories are given below:

Saliva Drug Test

This test has been done to detect several banned substances like marijuana and cocaine. The way to do this test is very simple. While going for Saliva drug test, the person needs to put their saliva on test strip. Result has been shown using colored bands for this test. It detects if the person has taken marijuana or cocaine within the last 36 hours.

Saliva Drug test is used to detect following drugs for a limited period of time. This test is basically used by Organizations to test their employes for the unethical substances. Saliva drug test is popular due to providing quick time results at an affordable price. Some drugs are given below which can be detected using Saliva Drug Test:

Phencyclidine (PCP)

There is a separate cocaine drug test too which can be done to detect single usage of cocaine up to 72 hours. If the person has taken a heavy dose of cocaine then cocaine drug test can be used to detect it for even a longer period. When a person had cocaine then it can be detected within 1- 4 days using cocaine drug test.

Phencyclidine (PCP) is the most dangerous drug to be given to a human being. It can cause severe damages to a human body but rather than taking this fact seriously, people need to have it just for fun. PCP can even take life of a person or can create a normal person suicidal by nature. So if you are taking these sort of drugs then ask for a test or the ways to leave consumption of these types of deadly drugs.