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Drug testing programs are used by companies, health professionals, probation officers, parents, and many others to determine whether a particular individual has recently used illicit substances, and is generally used as a factor in considering whether that person is a fit candidate to be hired, determining ones overall health, or violating any substance use laws.



There are many reasons for which a particular person may wish to conduct a drug test. In the field of drug testing, there are several different kinds of tests that can be administered, with some methods being more invasive and more time consuming than others. Here are the five most common methods for drug testing today:

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  • Drug testing through analysis of hair is a common technique used by drug testing professionals to determine whether any drug metabolites can be traced, as they are circulated in the blood in the scalp and filtered into the hair. Hair tests are reliable methods of drug testing as the metabolites that are in the hair present a permanent record of one's drug use.
  • There are drug tests used for analyzing perspiration or sweat, in which a patch is worn for some time, which contains an apparatus that is able to detect drug metabolites that have been sweated out. This method is primarily used to keep an eye on people on parole or probation.
  • Saliva testing is a drug test that can detect drugs and their metabolites in the saliva. This form of drug testing is limited compared to the other forms of testing as it is a kind of test that can detect very recent drug use. This test will most likely be used for determining current intoxication, rather than anything more long term.
  • Although blood testing is the most accurate sign of confirmed drug use, it is expensive to do and is also very intrusive. This method of drug testing is best at determining current intoxication and is often used for accident investigations or for health and life insurance medical check up.
  • The urine drug test is the most commonly administered test, and with modern technology, multi panel drug tests are used to test for up to thirteen drugs and eight adulterants, works instantly, and is female user friendly. These drug tests are inexpensive, efficient, and a great way for your company to filter out drug abusers from your prospective and current workers.

Positivity Rates of Various Drug Tests for the General U.S. Workforce

Many large companies utilize drug testing systems to ensure their workers are productive, avoid any legal liability that may arise from having an intoxicated employee, and to qualify for workers compensation discounts, which come with maintaining a drug-free work environment. Drug testing is a great way to secure the safe environment of your workplace, keep up employee health, and maintain productivity levels, by filtering out individuals who use illicit substances and potentially pose a threat to your company. Comparing the different types of drug tests covered in this article in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, the multi panel drug test is the ideal testing type to introduce to your company and your workplace.

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