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  1. 10-Panel + Alcohol Urine Analysis

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    The 10-Panel and Alcohol Urine Analysis is a urinalysis of a drug test. If you detect drugs in a urine sample, you can perform an analysis on the types of drugs that exist and the amount. The urinalysis allows you to analyze up to 10 different drugs at a time. This urinalysis also includes the ability to analyze alcohol that may exist in the urine. The urinalysis reveals various urine diseases that may exist, such as liver problems, urinary tract infection, kidney disorder, diabetes, and other metabolic conditions.
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  2. Twelve Panel Oral Cube Drug Test With Alcohol

    ModelDrugs Tested
    C-3114 W/ALCOALC / AMP / BAR / BUP / BZO / COC / mAMP / MTD / OPI / OXY / PCP / THC
    TestsALC / AMP / BAR / BUP / BZO / COC / mAMP / MTD / OPI / OXY / PCP / THC
    Twelve Panel Oral Cube Drug Test with Alcohol is one of the latest options for performing a drug test. The entire process has been simplified and improved. You simply collect human saliva with a mouth swab and snap on the swab cap. Afterwards, the container is ready to be transported for a lab confirmation. You also have the option of photocopying the information. The less invasive process eliminates the need for a restroom and makes it hard to adulterate the oral fluid. Up to 12 drugs can be tested at once with the ability to also test for alcohol. The average life for an oral device with alcohol on it is 8-12 months.
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  3. Alco Screen Controls

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    The Alco-Screen controls are may be used with CLIA regulations or to test viability of either the Alco-01 or Alco-02 test. The controls are formulated as a positive control and a negative control. The controls will give false results if used on any other type of test or instrumentation since they are made specifically for the ALCO product.

  4. Educating Your Children on Alcohol Pamphlet

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    • What you need to know
    • What you need to say
    • What you need to do
    • Activities
    • Conclusion
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