What Are N95 Face Mask:

N-series respirators are face masks that provide protection from liquid and solid airborne particulates that do not contain oil. Regulated and classified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) a research department at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The N classification comes in three tiers based on filtration efficiency, 95% (N95), 99% (N99), and 99.7% (N100). The NIOSH filtration efficiency certification tests and subsequent product classifications are based on small particulate tests, 0.3-micron particle size.

The N95 face mask is the most common n-series mask. Tested and designed for a tight facial fit, N95 masks are single-use disposable masks (in a clinical setting, masks should be disposed of after each patient or after aerosol procedures [the current COVID-19 face mask shortage is prompting healthcare providers to extend mask usage-durations and mask cleaning/reusing techniques]). Capable of filtering out airborne bacteria and viruses, the N95 face fitting mask is often referred to as a surgical mask and is regularly worn by health care providers.

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The N95 mask is a respirator that removes 95% of 0.3 micron or larger particles that are in the air and breathed in from behind the mask. NIOSH approved N95 masks worn properly provide a close facial fit that eliminates excess air leakage (the tight fit directs air to be inhaled through the special fiber layers rather than open-air gaps along the mask edges). N95 masks are made of flat fibrous layers that filter particles via, interception, inertial impaction, diffusion, and electrostatic attraction.

  • Interception: Collects larger particles when the particles touch the fibers as they enter the mask layers, i.e., the particle breathed into the mask bumps into and sticks to a fiber material before it reaches the user’s mouth or nose.
  • Inertial impaction: Collects larger particles, particles that are too large to maneuver their way through the fibers of the mask unencumbered, i.e., the particle gets stuck in the fibers before it reaches the mouth or nose.
  • Diffusion: Collects small particles, particles in the air are breathed into the mask layers. While moving through the maze-esque layers of fibers the small particulates encounter competing air molecules, currents, and other particulates that redirect the small particles or stop their movement altogether. The space between the outermost and innermost layers of the N95 mask presents many obstacles, particles do not have straightforward paths to the user’s mouth or nose (particles get stuck on fibers or other molecules along the way).
  • Electrostatic attraction: “Opposites attract,” filter fibers and particles both possess molecular structures and molecular charges. Based on Coulomb’s law and dielectrophoretic, particles that enter the N95 mask are constantly pulled and pushed by charged filter fibers and the particle’s own molecular charge. Resulting in particles bonding with filter fibers and stopping short of the user’s mouth or nose. N95 filter fiber layers present electrostatic forces that act as a barrier to particles by interacting with those particles’ own electric charge.

While the CDC doesn’t state the general public is required to use N95 face masks, we are seeing more people routinely wearing N95 masks in public. This is causing a shortage of face masks for medical professionals by manufacturers who once intended to supply the medical sector. Most N95 face mask manufacturers are now supplying the public worldwide leading to a mass of shortages to follow.

Are There N95 Respirators Available to Purchase Online?

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