Supporting those that are in the business of saving lives. A high-pressure environment faced with daily obstacles and stressors. Drug and alcohol screening is a routine practice in hospitals, doctors’ offices, and healthcare clinics, for the very purposes of maintaining a safe and effective workplace for the heroic act of saving another’s life. Healthcare administrators that are setting up or maintaining a support system for their medical team have certainly encountered the complex field of mandatory, random, and scheduled drug testing programs. A substance-free workplace is more important than ever in a setting as vital to society as a medical office.

Healthcare professionals not only have a very serious responsibility on their hands they also have access to narcotics-grade substances and medicines. Periodic drug screening handled in an open and transparent fashion can benefit the wellbeing of the entire facility. Professional drug screening may be met with mixed emotions, in part due to the expertise of the professionals being screened for drugs. In a medical setting, one may argue that healthcare professionals know more about the abuse of drugs and alcohol than anyone, so why would you need to screen them for such occurrences. This is a completely valid line of thought, however, the idea that knowledge alone enacts strict personal guidelines is inaccurate. Drug screening is not about the specific person taking the test, it is about the whole system. A mutual reliance on the medical staff, specific medical departments, emergency crews, administrators, and everyone involved in the positive performance of an organization crucial to the health and happiness of entire populations. 

Alcohol Screening

A common substance and not illegal when consumed responsibly. Alcohol intoxication is dangerous at work because it blurs decision making, slows response times, distorts thought-processes, and inhibits regular bodily function by suppressing the central nervous system, all of which increases the risk to one’s self and others, especially if consumed on or before working in a setting that requires optimal personal condition and quick-thinking. A transparent alcohol policy in medical offices is an important first step in ensuring compliance and safety standards. Simple alcohol screening options are available from, from instant saliva tests to extend duration tests to screen for recent alcohol consumption. Drug tests that healthcare professionals can rely on.

Drug Screening

Instant results, extended lab testing, or both, drug tests come in various forms and are meant for different scenarios. Drug tests can either screen for broad ranges of drug use or specific substances. Supplying tests to fit different requirements, DrugTestsInBulk is experienced in providing drug testing supplies for medical offices and can help your human resources program build or maintain accurate and honest drug screening policies and practices. Kits designed to test for particular controlled substances may be required in certain medical departments while broad range tests may suit the needs of the office as a whole. Drug screening should be an easy and simple routine, and finding the right supplier and supplies for your office is the first step in ensuring the safety and quality of care for employees, patients, and the professional system as a whole. Hair follicle testing for lab-confirmed drug test results that are accurate for extended time periods. Oral swab saliva testing for non-invasive fast testing for different drug types, and urine testing kits and dip cards for panel testing. Initial results as fast as 5 minutes with lab confirmation options available. Drug screening should be an easy process and for modern medical settings an important safety measure for employees and patients.

Healthcare professionals around the world work day and night to keep people safe from harm and step up when it matters most. Which is why supporting their tireless efforts is such an important task. Drug screening policies for pre and active employment are one of the many methods available to help maintain workplace standards and to enable medical professionals to perform at their highest level while supporting their health and wellbeing. DrugTestsInBulk is here to help you structure an open, accurate, and well-received drug testing program. Healthcare professionals while looking after the world must also look after themselves, and for drug and alcohol tests you can rely on, call DrugTestsInBulk today