Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the primary cannabinoid compound active in cannabis. THC when tested for can be found in urine, saliva, blood, and hair samples, however with recent legal changes and shifting attitudes on marijuana use, businesses or other organizations may now be interested in drug tests that offer the traditional set of drug panels with the exception of THC. As a widely used substance, in the past THC was found in nearly every broad-spectrum multi-panel drug test on the market, which is why DrugTestsInBulk now offers a five-panel saliva drug test that does not test for THC. The five-panel InstaCube test without THC testing is made to help you accommodate workplace policies or organization requirements. 


Recreational marijuana use is legal for adults in 18 states and Washington D.C., and medical marijuana is legal in 37 states (as of the date of this article publication). This establishes the demand for a new type of drug test that does not include THC screening. For both employers and employees, company drug testing policies may be currently changing, and for your business, you may not want to test for THC or do not want to pay for a test that includes a substance you do not wish to test for and record. 

New drug tests without THC substance testing panels are in response to the changing legal environments surrounding cannabis, as well as employers and employees shifting away from THC/cannabis regulations and testing policies. Companies that perform oral tests are testing for recent use of substances, and in many cases, the debate of whether or not they should or need to test for THC has risen, especially in states where recreational use is legal. Legal marijuana use is for adults and is legal at a state level, not at a federal level which leads to confusion and conflict for some organizations debating if they should start, continue, or stop testing for cannabis use. Drug tests that do not feature THC screening are meant to expand the product portfolio to accommodate your decisions and company guidelines. Allowing you to choose which substances you want to test for. DrugTestsInBulk InstaCube brand is one of the first drug testing companies in the industry to develop and offer a high-quality multi-panel oral drug test without THC testing.

Saliva Tests Without THC

In drug tests that include THC screening, the system is testing for 11 NOR-D9 COOH which can be found in saliva for a maximum of 1 day. Tests without THC do not screen for or carry the capabilities to screen for the 11 NOR-D9 COOH compound.

As internal drug testing policies change in institutions around the world and as legal environments change, you may be looking to update your business drug testing plan or helping to evaluate and alter drug testing programs at the organization you work for. DrugTestsInBulk customer service is available for consultations on our products that do not contain THC testing or any other questions you may have regarding cannabis testing. Whether you are shifting your drug testing focus to other compounds or substances or are planning to start with a multi-panel test that fits your organization’s policies, contact us and we will be able to help you pick and order the best drug tests for your intended application. 

Without THC, drug test systems have another panel available for screening for other substances. From Amphetamines to Opiates, oral drug tests perform a vital function in organizations and facilities around the world. Oral drug tests by the nature of the sample collection method are easy to implement and control. Instant results that are accurate and easy to read further the benefits of using saliva swab tests. And with an oral test that does not test for THC, you get a drug test that detects substance use in real-time.

Marijuana/THC Drug Screening

Traditionally, drug tests include panels that detect either recent or past cannabis use, the duration of detection differs based on the test system type. This is still a valid practice and tests with various drug panel combinations are available. Please review your states’ guidelines and regulations on drug testing and in states with legalized marijuana, please consult your state’s legal guidelines on testing for marijuana use. Marijuana is classified as a schedule 1 substance under the Controlled Substances Act.

Oral tests and other test system types and collection methods are still available with THC/cannabis testing. These tests will either solely be for THC/Cannabis testing or will include a THC panel in the test system. 

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An oral drug test without THC screening

The InstaCube Five Panel Drug Test without THC

The InstaCube oral drug test screens for the following substances; AMP50 (Amphetamine), BZO10 (Benzodiazepines), COC20 (Cocaine), mAMP50 (Methamphetamine), and OPI40 (Opiates). A standard drug test system without THC adulterants or screening panels