Having trouble deciding which instant drug tests are the best? We’ve done the research and put together this list of the Best Instant Drug Tests in 2018.

Finding the Best Drug Test

For employers, clinics, and personal use testers, finding the best instant drug tests that suit your needs can be quite the task. With so many over-the-counter and lab administered tests to choose from, the best approach may be to first determine which drugs are the most commonly abused and which drugs are the most potentially hazardous in your area, and then find the tests that screen for those drugs.

Some testers require a specific analysis that includes even more specialty street drugs that are trending, while other testers are looking for a more general test to screen potential employees for the most commonly abused illicit drugs like THC, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Opiates, and Methamphetamines . Some testers only need to test for a specialty drug requiring a single test, such as synthetic marijuana (also known as K2 or Spice).

Having trouble deciding which instant drug test is the best? Not to worry –  we’ve done the research and read customer reviews to put together this list of the Best Instant Drug Tests in 2018.

The Best Instant Saliva Drug Test

Five Panel InstaCube Saliva Drug Test

Five Panel InstaCube Saliva Drug Test


In instances where a quick test is needed, such as for pre screening, or for when workers are entering a hazardous area and need to ensure that they are alert and prepared, saliva tests are a minimally invasive and secure way to collect a sample for instant drug screening. This test covers the commonly abused illicit drug groups: Amphetamines, Cocaine, Methamphetamines, Opiates, and Marijuana.


A prominent feature on this test that makes it one of the best is that it allows you to photocopy and quickly document the results of the test or add it to a company job file. Unlike urine cup tests which require privacy for collection, saliva tests provide the added security of being able to have witnesses during the collection of the saliva, and therefore greatly reduce the potential for tampering with the sample provided.


The Best Instant Specialty Drug Test

K2 PreScreen Plus Dip Card Drug Test

K2 PreScreen Plus Dip Card

Synthetic marijuana (also known as K2 or Spice) is a street drug that at one point was the second most commonly abused drug among teens, and is not always screened for in major drug tests due to its relatively recent arrival in the drug world (it was only officially made illegal in 2013). However, this drug’s deceiving name shows very different symptoms than marijuana, and is also considered to be just as addictive as crack cocaine, presenting a major concern for those needing to screen potential employees.


This instant dip card test can detect K2/Spice from a collected urine sample in as little as 20 seconds. If you’ve already screened for the other major drugs with a negative result, and would like to add on an easy specialty test for K2/Spice, the K2 PreScreen Plus Dip Card Drug Test delivers fast and accurate results.


The Best Alcohol Saliva Drug Test

Alco Screen 02 Alcohol Saliva Test – D.O.T. Approved, CLIA Waived

Alco Screen 02 Alcohol Saliva Test - D.O.T. APPROVED

Looking for an instant alcohol “screen test” that is approved by the Department of Transportation? The Alco Screen 02 Alcohol Saliva Test – D.O.T. Approved, CLIA Waived test delivers the convenience of an instant saliva test and has the approvals to provide reliable, accurate results.


This highly sensitive test is a reliable alternative to more expensive testing methods and specialty testing machines, and can detect blood alcohol levels in saliva in just four minutes after collection.  For a test with FDA 510(K) compliance, CLIA waiver, AND D.O.T. approval, the test surprisingly requires no specialized training or certification to effectively administer the test, making it a perfect choice for instances where an immediate test is required, such as when workers are about to go on site, or when an accident occurs.


Drug Testing administrators will appreciate that these instant saliva tests can be given out at any time or place, and have an impressive shelf life of twelve months, making them a most convenient option to keep in supply for immediate use.


The Best Express Hair Follicle Drug Test

Seven Panel Hair Confirm Drug Test Express

Seven Panel Hair Confirm Drug Test Express

While technically not an “instant” result test, this mail-in hair follicle test is ideal for those looking for a non-fluid means of testing for long-term drug use and super fast turn-around time. Parents who are concerned that their teen may be using drugs will have peace of mind with Hair Confirm. This at-home drug test is extremely accurate and comes with an easy sample collection system and express shipping service to deliver quick results (an average of five business days).


The package comes with one test that can detect drug use for the past 90 days, and detects the following illicit drugs: Amphetamines, Cocaine, Methamphetamines, MDMA (Ecstasy), Opiates, Phencyclidine, and Marijuana. Simply implement a Hair Confirm testing schedule for every three months to maintain your household (or business) as a drug-free zone.


The Best Instant All-In-One Cup Drug Test

The Ten Panel  All in One PreScreen Plus Drug Test Cup

Ten Panel PreScreen Plus Cup (CLIA Waived)

By far the easiest way to test for drugs is by using an instant “all in one” test that also includes testing for adulterants that are sometimes taken to produce false negative results. The Ten Panel All-in-One PreScreen Plus Drug Test with Adulterants will screen urine for the following drugs: Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Buprenorphine, Cocaine, Ecstasy, Marijuana, Methadone, Methamphetamine, Opiates, Oxycodone, Phencyclidine, Tricyclic Antidepressants, and Propoxyphene.


This FDA approved instant drug test also features a temperature indicator strip, and an impressive shelf life of 18 months for testers who want be sure to have extra tests in supply.  


Runner Up: Best Instant All-In-One Cup Drug Test

This Twelve Panel Prescreen Plus Cup with Adulterants (CLIA Waived)

Twelve Panel PreScreen Plus Cup With Adulterants (CLIA Waived)

Since All-In-One test cups are by far the easiest way to detect a large variety of illicit drugs with one single sample collection, the Twelve Panel Prescreen Plus Cup with Adulterants (CLIA Waived) is a close runner up to our best choice.


This updated version from PreScreen includes the added benefit of being able to detect adulterants. There are many alleged “detoxifying” products on the market that are formulated to mask traces of drugs present in the system, and those who take these adulterants would ordinarily be able to pass a common drug test.

About Urine Drug Test Adulterants

Urine adulterants include products which claim to flush the system of drugs quickly. These products work by taking a pill or drink that claims to flush the system out with large amounts of water. Another category of adulterants are those that are added to urine after collection which work by masking with agents that destroy or mask drugs in the system.

However, now with the added ability to detect adulterants as part of the testing process, those who conduct screenings can get better insights and the assurance of knowing that the positive results they receive have not been falsely swayed by adulterants.


Industry Tips for Drug Testing

With so many options out there in instant drug testing, choosing a drug test that works is certainly key, and also having a drug testing process and procedurein place for handling your results will make the day of testing even better. Communicating this process beforehand with those being tested is an industry tip that ensures testing is done respectfully.

Another industry tip is to test twice. Laboratories do this to ensure that their tests are thoroughly accurate. In the event of a false-positive or false-negative, having a second test on file will provide a solid method of establishing proof. Testing for adulterants too is a great way to ensure that your results have not been manipulated to create a false positive.


Pros and Cons of Instant Drug Testing

There are certainly criticisms and preferences that come with using each type of drug test. For instance, some instant test are excellent at detecting recent drug use, as most of the tests listed can detect levels of a drug at an average of up to five days after drug use, and up to 30 days for THC.

However, critics of these tests say that the best way for an employer to determine if an employee is a longstanding drug user is to have a test that can detect drug use over a longer period of time, making the hair follicle tests the preferred method. The reasons a company implements drug screening are unique to each company, but should ensure that employees are able to do their jobs safely.

Regular drug testing with instant drug tests keep employees and the workplace safer for all. Instant drug tests have come a long way since their development, and are a great way in 2018 to ensure that company policies are upheld, that accidents are thoroughly investigated, and to keep others accountable for their personal use of substances.