The Alcohawk elite, is one of the most professional grade Breathalyzer test available to the public. It is designed to be used by individuals that are concerned they would be impaired behind the wheel of a car. With the use of this device they are able to tell if they are too impaired to drive and call a taxi if assistance is needed.

The Alcohawk elite breath analyzer is one of the best drug tests on the market for screening alcohol use. Made for privet use the device can accurately read a person’s alcohol level in a very concise and consistent manner. It uses a built in easy to read blue LCD screen with larger numbers so it is easy to read in most lighting circumstances It is approved for use by the department of transportation and the national drug and safety council as an accurate breathalyzer. It is a great way to know if you are too impaired to drive and that you can help prevent an accident from occurring. Knowing the limitations of your personal ability to operate can get you home softly to your family. So, take the time get one for the best breathalyzers on the market today you will be glad you did.