Companies have to remain vigilant when they have to deal with individuals that are living a destructive path in their lives, and it is more than a reality that it is eventually going to affect their work. This will hamper the goals of the organization in the long run if such individuals are not checked in time. They may be placed in special position within the organization which may be highly essential for the success of the company. This situation cannot be taken lightly if such people remain at such critical positions in the business. They have to be checked with Post employment drug testing to find out any issues within their bodies. 12 Panel Drug Test is the perfect solution for the company when they have a many number of people to deal with, and they cannot afford to buy different tests for different substances. This specific test can verify the presence of different substances in one test which makes it an economical solution for the company.

 The 10 panel drug test kit is also very popular with companies that prefer to run such tests within their premises. There are many good employees that prefer the test because they want to prove their loyalty to the company, assure them that they will not give the company any trouble in the future. This is important to build a strong long term relationship with productive employees, and pick out the trouble makers that can cause the company more harm than solution in the coming future. Not only it is a cost effective way to see if there are any kind of drugs in the system of the employee but it also detect multiple drugs within the system with one single test. Depending on the type of panel, they become much more efficient and cheaper because the manufacturers want to give the highest level of benefit to he client.