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  1. Ketamine Presumptive Test

    ModelDrugs Tested

    For the presumptive identification of Ketamine Powder.

    10 narcotic tests per pack.

    The MMC Narcotic FIeld Tests are designed to detect controlled substances, and are based on a new technology with many advantages over the tests available in the market today.

  2. Ketamine Single Panel Dip Test

    ModelDrugs Tested
    This Ketamine Single Panel Dip Test is clinical grade for professional use. The dip test is specifically designed for testing the ketamine drug. Test results are available in 5 minutes or less with up to a 99% accuracy rate. Another great option is using this urine dip test in the privacy of your own home, with the simple “Dip & Read” drug check. This dip test is also a great investment with an extended 18-month shelf life. This product is made in the United States and includes easy-to-read English instructions.
    Product sold in cases of 25 tests
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    Avg. Competitor Price: $60.00
    $50.00 Per case of 25 As low as: $1.50 each
  3. Date Rape Drug Tests Coasters

    ModelDrugs Tested
    TestsGHB / KET
    This Date Rape Drug Tests Coaster is one of the most advanced ways to test for a date rape drug. The two most commonly used illicit drugs (Ketamine and Gamma-hydroxybutyric acid) are tested by using a Drink Safe Coaster. The two-test device is a 4 x 4 coaster that uses five-color graphics to detect the illicit drugs. At each bottom corner of the coaster are two test areas. In the center of the coaster is a drink safe message. On the back of the coaster are instructions on how to perform a drug test. Two tests can be performed on one coaster.
    Avg. Competitor Price: $1.50
  4. Date Rape Drug Test Strips

    ModelDrugs Tested
    TestsGHB / KET
    This Date Rape Drug Test Strip is a safe and convenient way to have an enjoyable night out. These test strips eliminate the worry of being drugged, when you are in a new or unusual environment. The drug test strips have a rapid response and delivers quick results. This test strip checks for two commonly used date rape drugs, GHB (Gamma-hydroxybutyric acid) and Ketamine. Each drug test kit contains 10 tests with 2 tests per strip. For your convenience, a handy booklet is also included for more information on the illicit drugs and how to properly perform a test.
    Avg. Competitor Price: $11.94
    $9.95 Per case of 10 As low as: $1.00 each
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4 Item(s)